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Rather than fill this space with copy sprinkled with of-the-moment verbiage and "buzzy" words, rather than explain how students and clients appreciate my insights, enthusiasm and candor, rather than close with some words to inspire, better I provide you with samples of my work and you decide if I'm right for the job. 

Here's a summary of my retail + branding consultancy work, plus some writing samples:



Here's a link to my column:

Here's a course syllabus from Introduction to Journalism + News Writing ... and one from Magazine Writing.

A note about the previous sentence's construction: the plural of "syllabus" is "syllabi." I don't much care for that word ... it sounds a bit awkward. I'm like that when I write. I also use ellipses when crafting marketing copy, email ... it's a little more casual, friendlier, even, than the rigidity of buttoned-down text.



Here's what students have to say about me:

It's my pleasure to send additional work samples.

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